How emergency shipments are saving lives in Ukraine
Published on 2023-01-24 12:49:29

How emergency shipments are saving lives in Ukraine


Amsterdam 25 January 2023 - Since the start of the armed conflict in Ukraine last year many organisations provided emergency shipments of medicine, medical supplies, and other essential goods to the country. This is crucial, as the country's healthcare system has been severely impacted, leaving those affected by the war without access to the medical care they need. Recently, one of our customers, Give to the World (GTTW), has been working closely together with various organisations and donors to provide Ukraine with the needed medicines and medical supplies and consumables.

About Give to the World and UMANA

Give to the World is an American non-profit organisation, fully managed by volunteers whose mission is to provide life-saving resources in conflict and disaster affected areas across the globe. GTTW pivoted quickly last spring to mobilise resources for Ukraine by partnering with the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA) and leveraging UMANA’s existing medical relief distribution network with Ukraine. Critical medication and supplies, purchased by GTTW via IDA Foundation, have been delivered to UMANA’s volunteers in Western Ukraine, and subsequently delivered to essential hospitals, front line medical providers - including one of the primary children’s hospitals in Lviv - and conflict adjacent hospitals in Kramatorsk and Kharkiv.

“It’s our very important mission to get the right aid to the right people, in the right geography, in a way that supports democracy and stabilization in dealing with the root causes that confound the world.” – Rick Nelson, GTTW Executive Board Member

“I’ve only known the founder of GTTW for months, but it honestly feels like years. His commitment and that of GTTW to servicing the greater good for Ukraine and for all those that support freedom, democracy and self-determination were apparent from the outset. It has been our honor and privilege to be supported by GTTW and their compassion and generosity for the people of Ukraine. We are similarly indebted to IDA Foundation for their engagement and support. The staff of IDA has been incredibly proactive in finding inventive ways to advance and augment our mission.” – Dr. Douglas Davis, UMANA Medical Relief Task Force

Overall, emergency shipments to Ukraine have been vital in helping those affected by the conflict to survive. The efforts of organisations such as UMANA, GTTW and the Ukrainian government, have been instrumental in ensuring that the most vulnerable communities receive the aid they need. However, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues to make access to these areas difficult and dangerous. Therefore, the need for continued emergency assistance remains high, and the international community must continue to support the efforts to provide aid to those in need.

At IDA Foundation we are dedicated to bridge the gap in access to medicines and to ensure those in need are served with quality medication and supplies. Read more about our efforts in these previous articles: