Local services

Local services are an integrated part of IDA’s supply chain; over the years we have built an extensive agent and distributor network servicing our customers on a regional level, and we are further expanding our locally-based manufacturers’ portfolio to better cater to the demand in our destination countries and regions.


Knowledge sharing and capacity building, amongst others, are important factors in strengthening local health systems. To support this goal, we work closely together with our partners in low- and middle-income countries to improve access to products and services close to demand.

Agents & Distributors

IDA Foundation’s global network of over 30 agents and distributors provides essential local insights and presence to support our customers’ needs in-country:

  • Our agents assist with sales, logistics, communication, and other key elements of the supply chain and delivery process.
  • Our local distributors keep their own stock of different IDA quality-assured products, making them more accessible to for example smaller health clinics.


If you are interested in becoming a representative agent or local distributor for IDA Foundation, or if you want to contact one of our existing agents or distributors, please contact Joop Helsloot.

Local Manufacturing

With the prequalification of local manufacturers, complying with IDA’s quality standards, we can offer reliable supply of essential medicines and supplies in the region and subsequently reduce cost, lead times and CO2 emissions. We support manufacturers close to demand with technical advice based on our 50 years of experience in quality-assured pharmaceutical manufacturing.

IDA Foundation is promoting products manufactured in our destination countries. If you are interested in buying locally manufactured products, please contact your IDA representative.

Read more about our local partners here: