Assuring deliveries of essential supplies to Ukraine
Published on 2022-04-13 08:43:52

Assuring deliveries of essential supplies to Ukraine


Amsterdam, 13 April 2022 - The Russian invasion has had a devastating impact on Ukraine’s health infrastructure; many hospitals are destroyed or severely damaged, depriving people from the essential medical care. Aside from emergency healthcare, regular care has also come under pressure due to lack of access to and/or shortages of basic medicines and medical supplies. This poses a major threat to the continuation of care for the people in country.

SAZ collaboration

Shortly after the invasion, IDA Foundation was contacted by Samenwerkende Algemene Ziekenhuizen  (SAZ), a collaboration of 29 Dutch regional hospitals. Their partnership with IDA was set up to assist hospitals in Ukraine by investigating their needs, and to collect and ship these medicines and medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals as quickly as possible.

As delivery of medicines within and outside the EU is strictly regulated, and because hospitals are not allowed to donate or distribute medicines, IDA Foundation was approached by SAZ. With our procurement and regulatory expertise we helped SAZ with the supply and shipment preparations of the medical goods. So far, we have supplied over 17 tons (20,5 m3) of goods for SAZ, including surgical materials, general medical kits, pain medication, antibiotics, and many other medical supplies. We continue to work closely with SAZ as more deliveries are planned for the coming weeks and months.

Ongoing support for global emergencies

We are glad that we can contribute to these essential deliveries to SAZ, as well as many of our other customers, such as UN organisations and NGOs, providing emergency response to Ukraine, but also to Afghanistan, South Sudan and Yemen, where affected populations continue to require emergency medical goods, due to conflict, drought and hunger.

IDA Foundation will continue to support all of its customers by supplying emergency response kits to make sure health care providers around the world will receive the right quality medicines and medical products to help and treat the people who need it most.

Photo credit: AFEW International

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