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Michiel de Goeje retires, Bart van Osch new QA Director
An exciting year ahead
Preventing antimicrobial resistance
Reaching children with paediatric kits
Catching up with local health partners in Chad and Benin
Why are values important to our organisation?
IDA underlines the importance of hand hygiene
More cancer treatment on new WHO EML
Visit to Southern Africa
Together for the SDGs on SDG Action Day
Supporting a diverse and inclusive team
Emergency response: essential kits for Afghanistan
Personal and professional development through online learning
Who are IDA's customers?
IDA staff joins #TheHumanRace challenge
Learning at IDA Foundation
Reducing maternal mortality in LMICs
IDA underlines importance of eliminating viral hepatitis
Over 200 pallets with kits shipped to Afghanistan
IDA participates in UN Global Compact video
Expanding our vaccination and immunisation portfolio
IDA adds MMS to maternal health portfolio
A sustainable destination for IDA laptops
IDA supports Mumbai hospitals with oxygen concentrators
World Refugee Day 2021
Building local presence
Invitation to bid (ITB) on behalf of Stop TB/GDF
Treatment of 40.000 malnourished children in the past year
New animated IDA kitting video
Connecting with our team while working remotely
Building a Fairer, Healthier World
Responding to primary health needs in remote Sudan
World TB Day 2021
Immediate availability: dexamethasone injection to treat severe cases of COVID-19
Q&A with female IDA agent and distributor for IWD
IDA supplies oxygen concentrators to LMICs
Partnership with Pfizer expands access to cancer treatments in 70 LMICs
Publication of new IDA Product Indicator
Our goals: the dots on the horizon
IDA commemorates World AIDS Day 2020
Creating awareness around antimicrobial resistance
Free shipping until the end of the year
IDA celebrates diversity
Invitation to Bid (ITB) on behalf of Stop TB/GDF
Stimulating a green office environment
Partnership with ADB for the supply of PPE in Asia
Price reduction of bedaquiline in the fight against TB
IDA staff stays fit during lockdown
Supplying PPE items during COVID-19
Uniting forces in health response during COVID-19

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