Kits create standardisation in healthcare delivery. Providers can be confident they will receive the right medicines and the necessary consumable products to treat specific conditions. Kitting also results in efficient packing and delivery of medicines and medical goods. IDA has experience in supplying standard kits and working with customers to create custom kits based on specific requirements.

In Mozambique, IDA provided more than 55.000 kits for community health workers. These kits contained basic health commodities and were made up of 22 products sourced from 15 suppliers in three countries, and were delivered to three separate destinations. The complex procurement and transport involved in this project were handled by a dedicated team of IDA staff in Amsterdam and India.

Between 2011 and 2013, IDA worked with health authorities in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to develop two custom kits containing 130 different health products. The kits were delivered to over 2700 community health centres and local aid posts throughout PNG. In some remote locations, it was the first time medicines had been available. You can read more about IDA’s experience in PNG on our Stories page.

These are just some examples of the kits that IDA can deliver according to customer requirements. A number of standardized products kits are also available, including those shown at right.