Medical supplies

Comprehensive health care services require more than medicines. Medical equipment, laboratory equipment, laboratory instruments and diagnostic tests are also necessary for the delivery of quality healthcare and the improvement of patient health. IDA Foundation's range of medical supplies is carefully selected and is frequently adapted to the changing needs of our customers. We supply the following products among others:

  • Gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Syringes, bandages, catheters
  • Microscopes and accessories, centrifuges, sterilisation equipment
  • Pipettes, capillary tubes, blood collection supplies
  • Anaesthetic and resuscitation supplies
  • Diagnostic tests for HIV / AIDS, malaria, hepatitis, and syphilis
  • Assistive technologies (e.g. wheelchairs)

In 2022, we added assistive technologies to the IDA portfolio, starting with wheelchairs. Please see our Product Sheet for more information.

For a full overview of our medical supplies, please see our Product Indicator. IDA Foundation is also able to provide custom product kits based on customer specifications.