IDA’s broad product range reflects the needs of our customers and the evolving priorities of the global health community. Our product portfolio is made up primarily of generic medications and medical supplies, all of which meet our strict quality standards. For a full list of IDA’s standard products, most of which are available from stock, see our Product Indicator  (2023 edition).


Essential medicines

Essential medicines are the products that serve the health needs of the population. According to WHO, these products should...

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Medical supplies

Comprehensive health care services require more than medicines. Medical equipment, laboratory instruments and diagnostics tests...

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Surgical supplies

For too long, surgery was seen as a luxury for patients in developing countries. Resources for surgical intervention, including...

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Kits create standardisation in healthcare delivery. Providers can be confident they will receive the right medicines and the...

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Emergency Response

When emergencies occur, re-establishing health services is a critical priority. To assist our customers in emergency or...

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Product Indicator

Our product range includes over 3000 medicines and medical goods aligned with the WHO, and reflecting our customers’ needs.