Expanding our vaccination and immunisation portfolio
Published on 2021-07-14 10:52:26

Expanding our vaccination and immunisation portfolio


Amsterdam, 14 July 2021 - At IDA Foundation we are committed to supporting health organisations in LMICs with the roll-out of vaccination programmes. We have already received our first orders, and we hope to supply vaccination-related products to many more customers. To facilitate and support those customers, we have created an overview of all the products needed for vaccination. By grouping these different items in one factsheet we hope to ease the ordering process.

The vaccination and immunisation factsheet already included items such as needles, syringes and freezers, and we recently added vaccine carriers and cool boxes to this list. These items, which are available in several different sizes, are specifically helpful when it comes to transportation of vaccines to more rural and remote areas, by making sure the vaccines are being kept in the right conditions.

For more information on all other products in our COVID-19 product portfolio please visit our COVID-19 page.