Catching up with local health partners in Chad and Benin
Published on 2021-10-27 16:04:53IDA Team

Catching up with local health partners in Chad and Benin


Amsterdam, 28 October 2021 – We have some catching up to do! The COVID-19 pandemic has limited our ability to travel to IDA’s agents and distributors who are locally present around the world. Fortunately, online meetings and contacts are efficient and allow us to work effectively as well. Nonentheless, we recognise the added value that personal meetings have in global health development at a local level. Last month, our Area Manager Alexander traveled to South Africa, ESwatini, and Mozambique. This week, Alexander and colleague Hans traveled to Chad and Benin to meet with IDA’s local health partners and to strengthen our local presence in these countries.

Chad and Benin cope with a broad range of health issues, from malnutrition and neonatal disorders to communicable diseases such as malaria. At IDA Foundation, we want to provide access to essential medicines and medical goods that remain out of reach for people who need them the most. With our long-term goal “Universal health coverage”, we aim to bridge that gap.

Our presence in these countries in the past years is expected to have made a healthy impact: looking at 2019 and 2020, IDA’s health products are estimated to have reached almost 0.3 million people in Chad and over 13 million people in Benin. These products range from medicines that support mothers and children in safe labour, to LLINs that protect against malaria, to antibiotics to treat communicable diseases.

Below you can find some pictures taken during Alexander’s and Hans’ visits to hospitals and pharmacies in N’Djamena, Chad, and Cotonou, Benin. We are pleased to see IDA’s products stocked in so many different places!

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