Responding to the cholera epidemic
Published on 2017-05-24 09:28:00

Responding to the cholera epidemic


IDA Foundation received an urgent request last week for an immediate shipment of cholera treatment kits to be taken on a chartered flight to depart for Sana’a, Yemen. Our team prepared the shipment of cholera kits and ensured it would be ready to board the flight leaving from Schiphol Airport two days after the request, ensuring on-time arrival this Thursday.

The kits supplied by IDA will be used to treat approximately 3500 patients with severe cholera. Untreated, a patient has a 50% chance to die within two days. With treatment and rehydration, patients have a good chance to recover quickly. Unfortunately, the rainy conditions, poor water and sanitation standards and a lack of medical facilities in Yemen mean that cholera is able to spread quickly. With the current medical response of WHO, NGOs and other health organisations, it is hoped that the disease can be contained.

WHO has released the following statement which gives further insight into the importance of access to treatment in urgent health situations such as these.