2023 Sustainability Report online
Published on 2024-06-27 13:48:04

2023 Sustainability Report online


We are happy to present our 2023 Sustainability Report to you, confirming our continuing commitment to the UN Global Compact 10 principles related to Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

This report outlines our key actions in alignment with the UN Global Compact’s ten principles, the Sustainable Development Goals, and our ambitions for the future, along the pillars of Purpose, People, and Planet. These pillars, supporting our long-term goals of Universal Health Coverage, Strengthened Local Capacity and Sustainable Value Chains, provide focus and measurable targets in our sustainability strategy over the coming years.

We fully recognise our responsibility to society and the environment, and continue to strengthen our social and environmental commitments, whilst continuing to work towards our mission of bridging the gap in access to medicines.

You can read the report here: 2023 Communication on Engagement (idafoundation.org)

Please also see our sustainability page for more information about IDA's sustainability approach.

Photo credit: Tyrone DeJesus