IDA employees walk for refugees
Published on 2018-06-19 13:41:56

IDA employees walk for refugees


On Saturday, 16 June, IDA employees (Team IDA Moonwalk) joined thousands of others to walk during the 'Night of the Refugee' in Amsterdam. The sponsored walk aimed to create awareness of refugees and raised funds for emergency aid for refugees worldwide and took place in Amsterdam as well as in other editions taking place in Rotterdam / The Hague, Nijmegen / Arnhem and Utrecht.

Sadly, 65,6 million refugees are currently fleeing from war, violence and oppression.To support these refugees and create awareness, the Night of the Refugee, organised by the Dutch NGO Stichting Vluchteling (Netherlands Refugee Foundation) took place this week, just before World Refugee Day (20th June 2018).

This was the second time that an IDA team participated, after a successful walk last year. This year, the IDA employee team  had a target of raising 1000 euros. By organising bake sales and collecting sponsor funds they exceeded this target, raising a total of 1309 euros, a great contribution to the night's end result of 1.6 million Euros!

All raised funds will go towards shelter, food, access to water and mobile medical clinics for refugees.

We are proud of the IDA team for their initiative and congratulate all participants and supporters with this great achievement!