Publication of new IDA Product Indicator
Published on 2021-02-03 17:08:00

Publication of new IDA Product Indicator


IDA Foundation has published its annual Product Indicator. This booklet provides an overview of the products we supply. The sections on diagnostics and medical supplies are also available in French in addition to English. All medicines and supplies in the Product Indicator are grouped according to the WHO classification of Essential Medicines as listed in the Essential Medicines List (EML). All medicines on the EML satisfy the minimum requirements for priority healthcare needs of the population and they are selected according to:

  • Public health relevance
  • Evidence of efficacy and safety
  • Comparative cost-effectiveness

Beyond the products listed in the EML, we evaluate customer needs and address specific country requirements to continually update our product range to fill gaps and see where we can make the biggest difference. 

What is new in the Product Indicator 2021?

This year's PI includes several updates such as:

  • COVID-19 related products including PPE (personal protective equipment), disinfectants, supplies, diagnostics, equipment and treatment
  • An updated and broader oncology range
  • MMS (multiple micronutrient supplement for pregnant women)

Please contact IDA’s service desk or your sales representative to discuss possible options and/or alternatives if you require a product that is not listed in the Product Indicator 2021.

PI 2021