Lancet Commission Report
Published on 2016-11-24 07:59:22

Lancet Commission Report


Last week, The Lancet Commission on Essential Medicines presented their report on ‘Essential Medicines for Universal Health Coverage’. The report was compiled by 21 global health experts, stating that the lack of access to affordable medication is threatening progress towards universal health coverage, one of the sustainable development goals adopted by world leaders in 2015.

The report also indicated that a small investment of $1-2 (0.90-1.80 euros) per capita per year could give people in low and middle-income countries access to a basket of essential medicines, yet one in five countries spends less than that. In the report, the Lancet revealed that global spending is about eight times this amount already, and global spending on medication is expected to be $1.2 trillion in 2017. With those figures, the report demonstrates the "massive inequities and inefficiencies" in financing and governance between regions, thereby hindering access to essential medicines for many people.

Recommendations for improving access

The Commission calls for reforms in the way medication is developed and patented in order to improve affordability and access. Another major concern raised is quality of medicines in less developed countries. The Commission suggested that every available regulatory and management intervention that could improve the affordability of medicines be considered.

IDA Foundation recognises these issues mentioned in the Report and we welcome the recommendations made by the Commission. We aim to contribute to the improvement of access to medicines through our commitment to supply affordable quality essential medicines and medical goods.