IDA underlines the importance of access to safe blood products
Published on 2022-06-14 08:49:17

IDA underlines the importance of access to safe blood products

Health day

Amsterdam, 14 June 2022 – On World Blood Donor Day we raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products. Worldwide, blood donors are very much needed and thus we thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors for their live-saving gifts of blood. In addition we support the availability of quality-assured products derived from blood.

Blood services that provides access to safe blood and blood products for patients, such as plasma and blood cells, in sufficient quality are a key component of an effective health system. Blood, and its derived products, are essential in medical treatments. These include treating several diseases and as a result of (traffic) accidents, natural disasters and armed conflict. But also during child birth when the mother suffers from severe blood loss. The need for blood is universal, but low- and middle-income countries have limited access to sufficient safe blood supplies. These shortages often impact women and children in particular, as these tend to be the people who need blood the most.

At IDA Foundation we support health care professionals who are building their own supply of blood by offering a wide variety of products needed for blood giving. As per our wholesale license we are also allowed to handle medicinal products derived from blood (plasma-derived medicinal products – PDMP). Besides diagnostic tests to check potential donors, we offer blood collection sets, CPDA bags to collect and safely store blood (including anticoagulant), and we offer a variety of needles, IV placement units, agitator for blood bags, blood bank refrigerators and safety boxes to safely dispose used needles.

For more information on blood safety, availability and for information about PDMP, see the WHO website