IDA Successfully Syncs Data via GDSN
Published on 2018-11-02 13:26:10

IDA Successfully Syncs Data via GDSN


IDA is proud to share a recent success!

In the first phase of the implementation of GS1 standards, IDA gathered and synchronised data for three products through the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). This article from the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Chain Managment (GHSC-PSM) discusses the importance of this accomplishment. IDA is the first USAID pre-qualified wholesaler to reach this milestone. Many people at IDA and GS1 Netherlands are responsible for this success, but this is just a first step.

What is the GS1 project?

For the past several months, IDA Foundation has been working on implementing GS1 data sharing and barcoding standards throughout our supply chain.

GS1 data sharing standards will allow IDA to share product master data with a large, centralised, global network called the GDSN. Through this network, IDA customers and suppliers can subscribe to data IDA has uploaded, and instantly receive data for the products that they procure from us. Each product that we upload has a unique identifier called a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). The GTIN is incorporated into a barcode or data matrix that is printed on all packaging levels of the product.

Why are we doing this?

Implementing GS1 enables us to create a solid master data structure that will benefit all aspects of our business. It allows for accurate traceability throughout our supply chain and will make warehouse handling more efficient.

Implementing GS1 is also important for IDA’s partners. Some of our key customers, including USAID and UNFPA, are making GS1 implementation mandatory for their suppliers. Beginning in 2019, USAID will only procure items that are GS1 compliant. As a result, many USAID suppliers (including IDA and our competitors) are working on implementing GS1.

What’s next?

IDA will continue to implement GS1 standards, not only for the items we supply to USAID, but for products we supply to all our customers. Stay tuned for further updates on our progress!