At the time of IDA’s founding in 1972, our primary business was as a wholesaler of essential medicines. The services we offer have increased over time to include comprehensive procurement services, custom product kits, and emergency response. Still, providing affordable, quality products to our wholesale customers remains at the centre of our mission. Whether you represent a Central Medical Store in West Africa or a small faith-based clinic in Haiti, IDA’s wholesale services can provide you with the essential medicines and medical supplies you need to care for patients.


The procurement of affordable, quality products is at the centre of all that IDA Foundation does. Our Purchase department works hand in hand with our Quality Affairs department to offer our customers the best products from the most reliable manufacturers.

IDA buys generic medicines whenever possible. Our Purchase team is strategically located in Mumbai (India) close to the majority of our suppliers. To ensure the best results, we continuously measure the performance of our suppliers, assessing their delivery times, cost-effectiveness, product quality and facility quality.

IDA’s policies are in compliance with transparent procurement policies set forth by USAID, PFSCM (Partnership for Supply Chain Management), and ECHO (European Community Humanitarian Office). Each of these entities regularly audits and approves IDA’s practices.

Warehousing and stock

IDA keeps over 900 medicines and medical supplies in stock and ready for shipment. Our bonded warehouses in the Netherlands, located in Amsterdam and Veenendaal, allow for quick and efficient transport by air or sea.  Together, they provide 14,300 m² of space, including specialised storage for narcotics and products requiring cold chain.  All commodities are stored and handled in conformance with Dutch law and the regulations and pharmaceutical guidelines of GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

In addition to receiving shipments from standard IDA stock, customers can also arrange for IDA to keep a dedicated buffer stock of selected products in the IDA warehouse, reserved exclusively for the customer. This arrangement helps ensure the availability of essential products and prevents stock-outs.


To serve our customers as effectively as possible, IDA contracts with a number of in-country partners who keep stock of IDA products. We work with partners and forwarding agents throughout Africa and in Haiti. These locations keep stock of essential and high-volume products, adapted to customer needs and the disease profile of the region.

This arrangement can benefit smaller customers, as stock is available locally with a shorter lead time. Minimum order quantities (MOQs) are often lower than they would be when ordering directly from IDA in Amsterdam. Customers of any size can take advantage of these local stocks to fill emergency needs or avoid product stock-outs.