Our people

Whether based in our office in the Netherlands, India or abroad, staff at IDA Foundation represent many different backgrounds and nationalities, but we share a passion to improve access to essential medicines. Our office has a professional and open atmosphere, where employees can approach each other for guidance and support and learn from each other. While we work hard, we also make time for fun outings and sporting events. Many colleagues are considered close friends, thereby shaping the IDA culture and making it a great place to work. Learn more about what unites and motivates the IDA Foundation team in this blog.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

IDA Foundation recognises that fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is paramount in becoming the employer of choice we aspire to be. By embracing DEI, we not only create a more welcoming and respectful work environment but also create opportunity for innovative ideas and perspectives to accelerate our mission.

Our statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

"As people are IDA Foundation’s most valuable asset, we celebrate their unique differences. What unites us all is our drive towards achieving the IDA mission of bridging the gap in access to medicines and medical supplies. At IDA, everyone should feel they can be themselves, irrespective of ethnicity, beliefs, gender identity, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, or any other characteristics that make us unique. We want to be a reflection of the diverse communities we serve, and we believe it is these unique differences that strengthen our collective ability to achieve our mission."

Staff testimonials

We can tell you why you would enjoy working for IDA, but we think our people are the best at capturing why they love being a part of the IDA team!

"I have been working for IDA for many years and I am proud to be part of this organisation. I had the opportunity to build my experience within different teams and projects, supporting customers worldwide with our products and logistical expertise. Now I am part of the GDF / Stop TB Partnership Programme, focusing on the procurement of essential health products. With our international, talented, and fun team I know we are making a difference every day."

"Being a part of the IDA team in Mumbai is a wonderful feeling. Not only am I proud to support IDA's mission, I also feel lucky as the organisation has given me ample development opportunities related to the International Pharma / Non-Pharma Supply Chain Industry. Also, it's delightful knowing that a patient in need has received medication because of IDA’s efforts."

"IDA has bestowed upon me an experience of more than a decade. The experience that I have gained along the way is irreplaceable and valuable to my career growth. At IDA, I work with dedicated colleagues from across the globe, in a cohesive environment toward achieving IDA's mission of bridging the gap in access to medicines. Working at IDA gives me a level of pride and fulfillment for being able to say, yes, I am making a difference."

"I have had the pleasure of working for IDA for almost a year now. As solutions executive, I am given the opportunity to see through the beginning, all the way to the end of the process of our entire supply chain. Getting to see how critical our job is for people in need, especially in these difficult times, is a feeling of fulfilment that is unmatched. Another aspect of my job that I enjoy is being able to help my colleagues by building digital solutions with, and for them. Overall, IDA is already more than a job for me. It's a place where I can go to focus on delivering my best to others."

Employee facts and figures

In our employee survey, staff rated IDA above the benchmark in key areas like providing meaningful work, having opportunities, and organisational commitment.


58% female 42% male


Currently, 22% of our staff has worked for IDA for ten years or longer (that’s more than one-fifth of our staff!)