How to become an IDA customer?
Published on 2023-08-09 09:32:53

How to become an IDA customer?


Amsterdam, 9 August 2023 – Did you know IDA has already been active for over 50 years? In the past five decades, IDA has developed into an experienced independent social enterprise, ensuring access to quality medicines and medical supplies in low- and middle-income countries. Today we are reflecting on some of our past key figures.


That many of our customers have been ordering from us for more than 20-25 years (and some, even longer!)? IDA Foundation has been bridging the gap in access to medicines since 1972, and we have been able to help billions of people by providing essential medication and medical supplies.

That since 2013 we have supplied over 700 million long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), protecting an estimated 1.4 billion people against mosquito bites in more than 50 different countries?

That through collaboration and partnerships, we are aiming to bridge even more gaps? Through our partnership with Pfizer, it means that an additional 62 countries (who were not previously served by existing market agreements) will gain access to quality cancer treatment. These countries include eleven markets in the WHO Western Pacific region, which have the highest cancer mortality rate in the world.


IDA Foundation has a broad range of wholesale customers, varying from small local health clinics in rural areas to Ministries of Health (MoH) and large health organisations that operate globally. In addition to these customers and all those in between, we work with key local distributors who keep stock of IDA products to enable local access to the most requested essential medicines and medical supplies, also for customers needing smaller quantities. As one of our goals is to strengthen local capacity, we will continue to expand our local network, to further increase accessibility and to help build local economies by providing employment at different levels of the supply chain.

Aside from our wholesale business, IDA also works as a procurement services agent (PSA) for global large-scale health programmes such as the Global Fund, UNOPS/StopTB/Global Drug Facility and the Global Health Supply Chain programme. As a PSA, IDA is managing entire procurement processes for large-scale programmes, including issuing tenders to suppliers, freight forwarders and laboratories. IDA is in charge of extended quality assurance and quality control, and of arranging transport and logistics. For a full list of previous and current programmes, visit our Procurement Services page.


As a wholesaler licensed by the Dutch Ministry of Health, we comply with the European good distribution practice (EU-GDP) guidelines. Following these guidelines, we only distribute medicines to qualified organisations in low- and middle-income countries, authorised to supply medicines. If you are a health organisation looking to become an IDA customer, fill out our online registration form and one of our colleagues will reach out to you as soon as possible.