Together for the SDGs on SDG Action Day
Published on 2021-09-24 09:37:40Sustainability

Together for the SDGs on SDG Action Day


On the 25th of September, Dutch organisations, municipalities, the Dutch ministries and embassies together take part in the flag day, an event through which they show their support for the United Nations’ Global Goals / SDGs. More than 850 Global Goals-flags will be raised on this day!  

To show IDA’s commitment to sustainability, IDA Foundation kicked off their very own IDA #SDGActionDays discussion sessions that will take place over the course of three weeks. IDA’s Sustainability Ambassadors launched the first session this week, focusing on one of our key SDGs: SDG12- Responsible Production and Consumption. Over sixty employees joined a virtual discussion about the way we consume, how a shift towards a circular economy can offer alternatives and how we can all play a role in inspiring further action. In the coming weeks, different sustainability ambassadors will host additional sessions related to SDG12, focusing specifically on food (waste) and the environmental and social impact of the clothing industry.

While not directly related to IDA’s industry, we believe that raising awareness about these topics related to how we consume in our personal life, will also inspire sustainable action in our professional lives at IDA.

Tomorrow, the 25th of September 2021 marks exactly six years since the global adoption of the SDGs, seventeen goals that help us achieve an honest, just and sustainable society in 2030. While much has already been achieved in the past six years, much still needs to happen in the coming nine years until 2030. With our mission focusing on SDG3 (Good Health and Wellbeing), IDA is committed to contributing to other important sustainability topics in our global supply chain, from gender equality, to human rights to responsible production and consumption.

To demonstrate this commitment, we join the many other organisations that want to contribute to the SDGs, believing that the SDGs are the instrument with the greatest support to offer solutions to the complex global issues we face in the coming years.

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