Supplying PPE items during COVID-19
Published on 2020-05-07 14:47:17COVID-19

Supplying PPE items during COVID-19


The global supply chain is heavily impacted by the pandemic spread of the corona virus. Transport options are scarce due to export restrictions and due to countries being in lockdown to prevent the corona virus from further spreading. These regulations pose challenges for us as a supplier of medical goods.

Thanks to close collaboration with customers and suppliers, and thanks to a resourceful team, IDA Foundation has been able to supply PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) products to customers worldwide in the last months, despite the challenges considering transport. PPE items include aprons, isolation gowns, gloves and face masks. These products are indispensable and of vital importance in viral outbreaks such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

IDA Foundation is delivering these products, among many others, on a global level. Recent shipments have gone to Venezuela, Niger, Guinea-Bissau, Afghanistan, Vanuatu and Kenya to name just a few of our destinations. For more information about ordering from IDA Foundation (for example PPE items and medicines or other supplies) see our Customer Registration.

(Picture: IDA Foundation PPE items ready for shipment, February 2020)