IDA staff does a digital cleanup
Published on 2022-09-17 10:00:48Sustainability

IDA staff does a digital cleanup


Amsterdam, 19 September 2022 – Last Saturday, 17 September, was World Cleanup Day. On this day, awareness is raised on the global waste problem while uniting governments, volunteers and organisations around the world.

At IDA Foundation, we are aware of the waste that we produce and the importance of addressing our environmental impacts. One of these impacts is our digital footprint. This week, we initiated a ‘digital clean up’, and asked our staff to clean their digital devices both in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Digital waste

Digital waste, though invisible to the eye, has an enormous ecological footprint. Each year the internet and its supporting systems produce 900 million tons of CO2! To compare this to a country, this is more than the annual output of the whole of Germany. Studies estimate that within 10 years, the internet network will consume 20% of the world’s total energy. 

We believe that in creating more awareness of our digital footprints, we can make a difference through digital cleanups – and being aware of how we can minimise our digital footprint. On Digital Cleanup Day on March 18, we will share some of the outcomes of this campaign with you!  

Do you also want to minimise your digital footprint? Check the DIGITAL CLEANUP DAY website.