Investing to end TB
Published on 2022-03-24 11:00:55Global Drug Facility, Stop TB Partnership, IDA Team

Investing to end TB

Health day

Amsterdam, 24 March 2022 – Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the world’s most common and life threatening diseases, with over 95% of TB deaths occurring in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs). In 2019, an estimated 10 million people were diagnosed with TB worldwide and there are estimates that indicate that one third of the world’s population is infected with TB.

As the procurement agent for the Global Drug Facility (GDF), IDA has supplied first- and second-line anti-TB medication and TB diagnostics to over 100 countries. Thanks to the efforts of GDF and the Stop TB Partnership, an estimated 60 million lives were saved through TB diagnosis and treatment between 2000 and 2019.

This World TB Day, our teams in Amsterdam and Mumbai support the campaign 'Invest to end TB - Save lives'. Investing in TB is more important than ever: disruptions caused by the pandemic have led to increased mortality from TB, decreased the number of people diagnosed and treated for TB, and dangerously affected the rights of people with TB.


Our teams are commited to the fight against TB: by investing their time, energy and purpose they are dedicated to ensure that LMICs have access to TB medicines, and diagnostics needed to diagnose and treat TB.

They join partners in this campaign to create awareness about the TB burden and aim to support the call for TB investment and focus, to ensure we can accelerate action and put an end to this deadly disease.

Find out more about our TB approach, or join the World TB Day 2022 campaign!

(Pictured: IDA team members with GDF representative Thomas Verges at the IDA Amsterdam / Mumbai offices)