IDA team celebrates WMD with fun and learning
Published on 2023-05-02 11:09:20Vector control, IDA Team

IDA team celebrates WMD with fun and learning

Health day

Last week, on World Malaria Day, the Vector Control team organised an internal teambuilding activity for the occasion. Over 70 employees came together to learn, engage and have fun.

The event started with a presentation by the Vector Control team who took us through the history of malaria and highlighted our role in supporting the global efforts to fight against this disease. It was an informative and engaging session that left us with a deeper understanding of the impact of malaria and the importance of our collective efforts in preventing and controlling it.

We then had a quiz in which mixed teams participated, competing against each other in a friendly and fun-filled environment. It was amazing to see how everyone came together and shared their knowledge on the topic. The winning team was rewarded with prizes and accolades, but in the end, everyone was a winner, as we all learned something new and valuable.

To test that knowledge, we grouped into cross-departmental teams for a quiz, followed by a malaria-focused teambuilding activity which involved problem-solving and collaboration. It was a great opportunity for everyone to work together, share ideas, and get to know colleagues from across IDA's locations better.

Overall, the event was a great success, and we are proud of our employees for their active participation and dedication to learn more about these important health issues. We believe that events like these not only bring us together but also help us learn and grow, both as individuals and as a team. We look forward to organising more such activities in the future!