Bridging the gap: how IDA kits are saving lives
Published on 2023-07-13 11:49:34Emergency

Bridging the gap: how IDA kits are saving lives


Amsterdam, 13 July 2023 – In addition to our standard range of essential medicines and medical supplies, IDA also provides a variety of kits made to serve countries in need. We would like to share some of our Q1 and Q2 impact numbers related to kitting and emergency response with you, as this is an important part of our work and mission.

Our impact

In recent years, there have been several measles outbreaks reported in Afghanistan. In the first six months of 2023 we have reached close to 15.000 measles patients in Afghanistan but also in other countries among which Uganda. Our PED/SAM (pediatric/ severe acute malnutrition) kit, is designed to treat severely malnourished children who usually suffer from a variety of physical conditions caused by malnourishment. In the first half of this year our products reached over 84.000 malnourished children in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, but for example also to the Republic of Türkiye. Besides that, we reached more than 60.000 cholera patients, and we have served a total area of 9 million people impacted by (natural) disaster and other crisis situations. Our emergency response teams work very hard to ensure continuous shipments to those in need, and we remain committed to providing emergency aid to our customers.

IDA kits: a lifeline during an emergency

Medical emergency kits are carefully curated bundles of supplies designed to provide communities with the essentials needed to survive and recover during emergency situations. These kits typically include items such as medicines, medical supplies, hygiene products, and other essential tools. Kits help create standardisation in healthcare delivery, resulting in efficient packing and delivery of medicines and medical goods: health care providers can be confident they will receive the right medicines and medical products to treat specific conditions. IDA supplies standardised and custom-made kits to help our customers to quickly set up and roll out their emergency response or to execute health-specific projects.

For more information about our approach to emergencies, please visit our Emergency Response page.


Image source: World Health Organization