Free shipping until the end of the year
Published on 2020-10-30 11:29:56

Free shipping until the end of the year


Since the early start of the pandemic we have been supplying PPE and other urgent supplies to countries worldwide, and we have seen the effects of the unforeseen costs that come with it. Budgets need to be reassessed and customers must find a balance between products required and increased transport costs.

To support with transport costs, World Food Program (WFP) helped many humanitarian organisations through its COVID-19 Free-to-User cargo services, but this is now ending. 

To bridge any gaps created by the ending of this service, IDA Foundation will provide its own Free Cargo Service to all its customers from the 3rd of November until the 31st of December 2020, on all new stock orders from our Dutch warehouse. In doing so, we hope that our customers can continue to serve as many patients as possible in these challenging times.

More information and our terms and conditions can be found in this document: