IDA supports Climate Strike
Published on 2019-09-27 11:32:45Sustainability

IDA supports Climate Strike


As a participant in the UN Global Compact, IDA Foundation supports these efforts, striving for continuous improvement in minimising our environmental footprint. On a local level, environmental criteria played a key role in the recent Amsterdam office renovation. This step towards becoming more sustainable initiated a large series of changes we have made since, through waste recycling efforts, contracting a circular caterer for our restaurant, and switching from gas to renewable energy. By setting this example, we also aim to raise awareness and initiate change among our employees and customers.

As a wholesaler, we realise that the supply chain is complex and more difficult to manage than local initiatives. However, this is what we would like to focus on in the coming years. For example, when we select our freight and logistics partners, the level of sustainability measures they have implemented is an important criterium. Measures may include green warehousing, transparency on CO2 emissions and solid waste management.  We reduce packing- and filling material and implement more environmental options, such as using full containers whenever possible. For example, we bundle bed nets instead of packing them individually, and we’re assessing eco-friendly alternatives to reduce our impact on the environment.

For more information on the UN Global Compact, please see