Bridging the gap: sending medical aid to Türkiye
Published on 2023-02-14 13:42:23Emergency

Bridging the gap: sending medical aid to Türkiye


Amsterdam, 14 February 2023 – Last week, on February the 6th, a series of large devastating earthquakes struck the south-eastern part of Türkiye and north-western part of Syria, causing widespread destruction, injury and death. The disastrous impact of the earthquakes left millions of victims in urgent need of water, food, shelter and medical attention. Besides that, the earthquake had a significant impact on the existing infrastructure and continues to delay the delivery of medical aid in the affected areas. As hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are destroyed or severely damaged, it is difficult for people to access necessary medical treatment.

Many organisations are providing humanitarian aid and are shipping emergency goods such as life-saving medicines and other medical supplies to both Türkiye and Syria. Yesterday, we shipped 100 emergency kits, spread over 75 pallets, from our warehouse in Dubai to Türkiye for one of our customers, who will distribute the medical goods in order for them to reach the victims.

As it is our mission to bridge the gap in access to medicines and medical supplies, we remain committed to ensuring these essential items reach the people of Türkiye and Syria.