Guidance: Ordering pharmaceutical products for Ukraine
Published on 2022-03-07 16:18:44

Guidance: Ordering pharmaceutical products for Ukraine


Amsterdam, 7 March 2022
The devastating impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has become increasingly clear, and many of our customers (NGOs / humanitarian organisations) are responding to support the people both in Ukraine and those fleeing Ukraine to the surrounding countries with essential medical goods.

Guidance for private emergency response initiatives for Ukraine

We have also noticed an increasing number of enquiries from (private) initiatives* of people / organisations who want to support and help the victims of this war.
We are very supportive of these initiatives, and to maximise the impact we can guide you when you are planning private or organisational initiatives involving pharmaceutical products.

Please reach out to us via or call our sales department through our headquarters (+31 – 20 403 30 51).  

For the latest update on the logistics situation in and around Ukraine, please see: Ukraine logistics update.

* Please note: IDA Foundation is a social enterprise, therefore we cannot accept financial or medical donations for humanitarian response.