8 IDA career FAQs answered
Published on 2017-01-09 12:40:26

8 IDA career FAQs answered


Applying for a job is always an exciting process: the potential of joining a new organization, and gaining new colleagues and responsibilities. While a job vacancy ad will give you insight to what work you could be doing, it might not provide all the answers to your questions about applying for a job at IDA Foundation. So we asked our HR team to answers the most frequently asked questions for you!

I really want a job at IDA Foundation! What are you looking for?

IDA looks for talented people who are passionate about making a difference in global health. They are able to work effectively in teams as well as individually and have a proactive and solutions-oriented approach.

Of course we look at the qualifications and work experience that you have, but your motivation and approach to work are as important to evaluate your suitability for the position.

Do you require years of experience, or do you hire direct from university as well?

We think it is important for our continued success that we bring in people from both ends of the spectrum for a balanced team. Some of the management positions may need a seasoned professional who can hit the ground running and help us push in a new direction, while in others we can help an entry-level professional grow and thrive within our organisation - and their fresh new perspective can help IDA just as much!

What does the recruitment process look like at IDA?

For all positions at IDA, our HR team is the first point of contact. They read incoming applications and cover letters, determine the fit, and coordinate the interview and offer process. The IDA recruiter or HR Advisor usually conducts the screening interview via telephone.

The selected candidate will be invited to come in for a face-to-face interview; a joint discussion between the candidate, the hiring manager(s) and the recruiter / HR Advisor. Interviews range from questions about work experience, personal development, career goals to casual conversations about life. Usually, a second interview takes place with the hiring manager, allowing for further questions about the suitability for the job from both the manager and the candidate. The hiring decision will be made based on several aspects, including the candidate’s qualifications, availability, references, the match within the team, their motivation and the added value they can bring to IDA.

How can I stand out?

Your university degree can be important, but relevant experience and attitude can be just as important. We have people from all kinds of degree programmes around the world. Help us get to know you by including additional credentials and distinctions as you see fit. Do your research and pay attention to detail (a CV with errors can be a big deal).

Good candidates offer more than a list of former jobs they’ve had or courses they’ve taken. Use your cover letter to tell a story that may not come through on your CV. Help us connect the dots; share with us what may not be obvious from reading your CV.

What’s in it for me?

We strive to be a great workplace for ambitious professionals. Our business strategy has PEOPLE as a key element; we continually fine-tune our system to ensure that we effectively address employee development and wellness. We think it’s important to examine all the factors that are valuable to a relationship between you and IDA, not just the obvious ones like pay and benefits.

This is why our employees think IDA is a great place to work:

  • Great colleagues: We hire talented individuals who represent many perspectives, disciplines, points of view and nationalities (you could walk down the hall and hear French, Italian, Dutch and English all at once!).

  • Inspiration and development: We make sure we share our successes and stories among our people, by inviting guest speakers to share their stories or sharing the lessons learned from completed projects. We believe that we all work better and learn more when we freely interact and collaborate with other inspiring people.

  • Fun: While we work hard, we make sure there is opportunity to get to know your colleagues beyond your daily work. We organize team and company outings, a new year’s party, home baked goods are shared in our office almost every week, and spontaneous Friday afternoon drinks are a regular occurrence.

  • Making an impact: IDA offers a great opportunity to use your passion and skills for good, while working in an enthusiastic team and stimulating environment.

  • And of course there's the other benefits: We benchmark our salaries with mid-sized companies in the Netherlands, and to support a healthy work-life balance we offer 30 vacation days for a fulltime contract. In addition, we offer a commute allowance and a defined contribution pension.

I still have questions. What should I do?

Drop an email to hr@idafoundation.org and one of our HR colleagues will get back to you shortly. In the meantime, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and like our Facebook page for our latest (career and organisational) updates!