A sustainable destination for IDA laptops
Published on 2021-06-30 12:57:37

A sustainable destination for IDA laptops


Amsterdam, 30 June 2021 – In March this year, IT updated the IDA laptops, thereby allowing all IDA colleagues to work efficiently from home during lockdown. As the old IDA laptops were still fit for use, we looked for a sustainable way to give them a new life. ‘De Zaanse Uitdaging’ is a local community organisation that collects old ICT devices from businesses, recycles and updates them, and donates equipment to people who may not be able to afford it. IDA has donated used equipment to them before, and saw the great work they have done in the past. The current donation includes 100 laptops, 50 laptop bags, a printer, a beamer and several other items like monitors and keyboards.

Especially in the current situation where children and adults need to work/study from home, low-income families often suffer, as they need computers and laptops to follow classes and other forms of online education, or do their work. Our donation will help those children who do not have access to a laptop of their own, as they often need to share those with siblings and/or their parents.

We are happy about this local initiative as it supports our sustainability strategy in different ways. We are happy to support local children and families with materials for education and personal development, avoiding waste and transport of goods (minimising CO2 emissions) and supporting a local organisation that connects social initiatives. For more information about IDA's sustainability approach, please see our Sustainability page.