Making Quality Healthcare Affordable


In line with IDA Foundation’s mission, we supply high-quality essential medicines and medical supplies. Built on the experience and expertise that IDA has accumulated over four decades, our quality assurance system spans the entire supply chain – from the manufacturing of raw materials to the delivery of products to our customers. Our stringent quality assurance ensures consistency in every batch of products we supply.

There is still inadequate regulation and enforcement in developing countries and as a result the quality, safety and efficacy of both imported and locally manufactured medicines in many developing countries cannot be guaranteed (WHO). The IDA stringent quality system can add value by filling these gaps and ensuring that our customers can trust in the quality of products they receive from us. Our thorough quality process guarantees that IDA will never supply substandard products. Further, our customers never risk buying counterfeit medicines.

The menus on the left give detailed insight into how IDA manages the Quality of our Organisation, the Quality Assurance of IDA Supplies and the Regulatory filing and approval of IDA products in destination countries.