IDA Foundation is led by our Chief Executive Officer, Edwin de Voogd. Directors from key internal departments make up the Management Team. Together with our CEO, they are responsible for setting strategic priorities and managing day-to-day operations.

IDA is a not-for-profit foundation. Our governance structure includes a four-person Supervisory Board that advises on matters that impact the structure or direction of IDA. The Board members have diverse backgrounds and bring experience in law, finance, logistics, and global health. The current Board members are Marek W. Guensberg, Albert ten Bruggencate, Mieke Damen, and Catherine Hodgkin.

Below is contact information for our CEO and Management Team.

Edwin de Voogd

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

+31 20 4037145


Shree Rajwade

General Manager, IDA Trading Foundation Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

+91 22 67406901


Michiel de Goeje

Director, Quality Affairs

+31 20 4037186


Lieneke Krist

Director, Human Resources

+31 20 4037112


Wendy Eggen

Director, Procurement Services

+31 20 4037108


Menno Krijger

Director, Sales and Marketing

+31 20 4037110


Friso ten Brink

Director, Finance

+31 20 4039925


Pieter van Hengel

Director, Supply Chain

+31 20 4039942


Photo credit: aros + acosta photography