Making Quality Healthcare Affordable


IDA Foundation has over forty years of experience in procurement of affordable, quality products in line with our mission. Our experienced Purchase department works closely with our Quality department to offer the best product – manufacturer combinations to our wide range of customers.

Quality products for affordable prices

IDA’s product portfolio comprises a broad range of (mainly generic) essential medicines and medical devices, based on the most requested health products as set out by WHO’s Essential Medicines List. Our large procurement quantities give IDA the leverage to negotiate the lowest prices possible for the supplier-product combinations our Quality Affairs (QA) department has approved. This close cooperation between our Purchase and QA department ensures that our customers will always receive affordable quality products that adhere to our stringent standards and processes. To ensure consistency in our processes, we have detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) describing our internal and external procedures.

Depending on the customer request and market conditions, different procurement strategies may be applied to deliver the best service for our customer.

Sustainable supplier partnerships
IDA buys generic medicines whenever possible. Our purchase department is strategically located in Mumbai (India) close to the majority of our suppliers. For sustainable partnerships with our suppliers, we continuously measure supplier performance to guarantee a high standard to our customers. Our suppliers are measured according to the following performance indicators:

  • On – time delivery
  • Cost-effectiveness / competitiveness
  • Quality of products
  • Quality of manufacturing sites


IDA shares the results of this assessment with the suppliers. Improvement actions are defined where necessary, enabling suppliers to improve their service.

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